Branding: Be Strong Fitness

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Be Strong Fitness is a gym targeted at women based in Calgary, Canada.


The brief was to create a brand for this new fitness startup. The logo needed to show action, include the words 'start', 'finish', 'stay', 'strong' and also looks strong but not overly feminine while appealing to a female audience.


This was our favourite of all of the concepts we produced. The human body is created from an 's' shape, using the main element of the brand name, the use of the 's' in this way is really dynamic as it looks like a person moving, possibly cycling, but definitely open to interpretation without being too rigid. The typography is solid and grey to give it strength, with the 'Start Finish Stay Strong' tagling used in progressively bolder shades to show progression as a client would move through the fitness program toward a state of strength.

Tools used

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign