The Visual Blog: October 2015


Every month, Popdot Media will be showcasing a range of projects that we have worked on. These will range from web design and re-branding projects to magazine and print design. Please enjoy browsing through our October selection below.

Concrete Institute of Australia

CLIENT: Concrete Institute of Australia
PROJECT TYPE: editorial design
DESIGNED BY: Stephanie Gunn
WHY WE THINK IT'S COOL: Popdot Publishing has recently been fortunate enough to be commissioned as the new Publisher for the Concrete Institute of Australia magazine. The publication is printed quarterly and consists of news, events, features and technical papers that cover the most up-to date issues throughout the concrete industry. When looking through the magazine, we wanted to freshen up the design of the publication without changing it so much that readers wouldn't be able to associate with it. We therefore maintained the strong brand identity by keeping the existing fonts and the blues and oranges taken from the logo. To add new personality to the publication, we incorporated additional colours, adjusted the layouts of certain pages and added in illustrative features to provide variety. We also created a greater balance between text and the use of photographs and imagery to ensure the publication was visually eye-catching to the reader. 


Jenny Williams Coaching

CLIENT: Jenny Williams Coaching
PROJECT TYPE: Editorial Design
DESIGNED BY: Stephanie Gunn and Nicole Sidoti
WHY WE THINK IT'S COOL: Jenny Williams is an experienced coach and trainer living in the UK who specialises in the marketing and creative industries. The Millennials World is a very interesting read that focuses on the generational differences socially and in the workplace between Millennials (anyone born after 1982) and non-Millennials (anyone born before 1982). The publication was particularly interesting to work on as it is divided into two individual sections and can be read from either side — the Millennial or non-Millennial; so there's no front or back — with a centre page illustration that combines the Millennial and non-Millennial worlds together. When reading the first half of the book, once the reader reaches the centre page spread, the whole book needs to be turned around in order to read the other half. This helps to differentiate the two sections while also adding a unique quality to the book. A creative use of typography and bold, vibrant colours definitely help to ensure that the book stands out and entices people to read it.


Brisbane Symphony Orchestra

CLIENT: Brisbane Symphony Orchestra
PROJECT TYPE: poster & postcard design
DESIGNED BY: Stephanie Gunn
WHY WE THINK IT'S COOL: as BSO sponsors we were once again asked to design new posters and postcards for their upcoming family fun concert At the Movies. The brief was quite open, which enabled us to be creative and flexible in our response, designing something that appealed to all ages. We incorporated illustrations of characters from popular films such as Star Wars, James Bond and Harry Potter inside the musical notes, giving viewers a taste of the fantasic musical scores they'll be treated to at the concert. Creating a spotlight effect helped to reinforce the focus on the movies and the contrasting colours of blue and yellow work well together. 



This article was written by Stephanie Gunn, Graphic Designer at Popdot Media. Steph is passionate about helping small businesses grow and develop while at the same time fostering great partnerships with her corporate clients.

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