Why you should ask for design this Christmas

By Popdot's Stephanie Gunn & Nicole Sidoti

One of the main problems that startups face is being unfamiliar with how best to articulate their business strategies in their marketing collateral and where to begin to develop a successful platform from which they can grow. More established SMEs often find that the platform is in place but they don’t have the knowledge or appropriate guidance on exactly how to maximise growth throughout their business to become an industry leader. In many cases, analysing the performance of your brand and marketing efforts can provide a good indication of success but what if you find that you’re not getting the results that you set out to achieve? It is essential to ensure that the business has a strong brand identity and a marketing strategy that is clear from the outset and aligned with business goals.


“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results”

— Winston Churchill


In talking with startups and small businesses in particular, we have recognised a need for founders to correlate business strategy with brand and marketing outcomes. To succeed, businesses need to engage design thinking from conception, giving careful thought to how they want their brand and their message to be portrayed.


“Sound strategy starts with having the right goal”

— Michael Porter (Professor at Harvard Business School)


Inevitably, what one business needs to grow can vary considerably to what another needs or finds most beneficial when growth hacking their business. As members of a large startup hub in Sydney, we’ve spoken to loads of emerging and post-launch companies that have expressed interest in opportunities to formulate a solid branding and marketing structure that they can manage in line with their business objectives. By doing so, many obstacles and problems caused by poorly articulated business strategies and consequently weak brand identities can be avoided.

Cash-strapped newbies have called for help and we’ve listened. At Popdot, we’ve put together a selection of packages and workshops that are most in demand by small businesses and at reduced rates to make them more accessible. We’ve developed these packages in a giftable format so that founders can get some extra help from family and friends where they need it most this Christmas.


"Cash-strapped newbies have called for help and we’ve listened"

Each package individually focuses on providing different levels of design guidance and project work that can be tailored specifically to the needs of your business. From the most essential package that includes logo design, brand guidelines and social media thumbnails to a more extensive package offering all of the above plus business cards, social media account pages and a 5-page website startups and growing businesses can pick and choose the package most suited for their business needs. In addition, every package includes an initial 30-minute consultation and one follow-up consultation that takes place in the first six months after project completion. These consultations are an important addition to our creative process, allowing us to monitor and assist with the continuous growth of your brand while also reinforcing a more personal relationship with you and your business.

Consultations can be purchased as a separate standalone gift in the form of three 30-minute brand and/or marketing strategy consultations. These sessions give startup founders actionable tips specific to their business and are conducted over a three-month period so that business leaders can implement change gradually and hone the process as they go with continual guidance.

Alongside these design packages, we have included our popular branding and marketing-in-a-day workshops that are available in London and Sydney. These have been devised to target both early-stage startups all the way to more developed businesses in growth stages.

The branding workshop has been designed with the aim of providing guidance on how to clarify, streamline and rework brand strategies to ensure brand values are articulated clearly and business aims achieved. It provides many tips and toolsets to aid implementation of your brand in business practice to ensure brand strategy aligns with your business objectives.

The equally popular marketing workshop aims to create a comprehensive marketing plan and successful social media schedule for the year ahead. These are achieved by providing tools and strategies that are used to implement the plan straight away.

At present this gift guide is a trial for a limited time only but in response to demand and client feedback, we will be implementing more permanent packages and subscription offerings in 2016. Be sure to keep an eye out for future packages that can assist you with achieving a streamlined business that continuously grows in the right direction. If there’s something you’d like to see on the gift page in future or included in future subscription offerings, we’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment or get in touch via social media to share your thoughts.