Why you can't avoid social media


Here at Popdot we get a LOT of questions about social media. Probably the main question that comes at us is: 'do I have to use social media at all?'. The short answer to this is no, of course you don't! However, social media is rapidly overtaking other marketing avenues to make it hard to ignore.

The long answer to why you can't ignore social media is actually pretty short. That’s where your client base is. Facebook has over 1.23 billion monthly users as of January this year, there are over 500 million tweets per day on Twitter and on YouTube, every minute, there is over 100 hours of video uploaded and over 6 billion hours watched monthly. So, yeah, there are potential clients waiting to be introduced to products.

With statistics like these it’s astounding that everyone isn't already on social media liking, tweeting, uploading, sharing, Tumbling, Instagramming, Pintresting, Elloing and Digging. But, as with every silver lining, social media success has a hundred stories of companies failing so very, very hard. In fact a quick Google (0.29 seconds to be exact) brings up 16,500,000 results to the search ‘Social Media Fail’. That’s — well, that’s a whole lot of fail.

The issue many businesses face when they misstep on social media is the exact same reason they should be on social media in the first place — it’s the ease of information sharing that makes social media so attractive. Also, to be fair, social media success stories are fewer because using native advertising well means that often times the audience are not even fully aware they are being advertised to.

So having a presence on social media is a fine line to walk but with the right tools, experience and planning your entrance on to social media’s many varied platforms can be smooth and easy for everyone involved, both the business and your clients.

That fine line is why so many businesses now have someone, or even a team of people, dedicated to creating, implementing and controlling the social media side of their marketing campaigns. The good news is that, to be honest, it’s not too hard to have a successful social media presence once you have the right processes and strategies in place.

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This article was written by Nicole Sidoti, Founder and Creative Director of Popdot Media. Nic has top tier design experience and has built a business from the ground up. Nic's been where you are and has loads of tips and advice on how to effectively grow your business.

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