The Visual Blog: June 2015


Every quarter, Popdot will be showcasing a range of projects that we have worked on. These will range from web design and re-branding projects to magazine and print design. Please enjoy browsing through our June selection below.  

Pegasus Legal

CLIENT: Pegasus Legal
PROJECT TYPE: Business card design
DESIGNED BY: Stephanie Gunn
WHY WE THINK IT'S COOL: When rebranding the Pegasus logo, we wanted to incorporate a common design element taken from the various sectors the company specialises in, combined with the more fluid, artistic patterns and shapes of the Pegasus horse. We noted that grids and lines were common design elements used for their specific industries in the forms of solar panels, electrical masts, railway tracks, roads, construction and metal framing. By combining these two contrasting design elements, they effectively compliment one another and achieve an interesting and unique icon. The logo visually reiterates the nature of Pegasus Legal and what it offers and provides as a company. The wings represent the fluidity of the cutting-edge projects that the team works on while the structural design element compliments this nicely by portraying the stability of the company and the support it provides. 

CLIENT: Pegasus Legal
PROJECT TYPE: Infographics
DESIGNED BY: Stephanie Gunn
WHY WE THINK IT'S COOL: We were given a completely clean slate when designing experience statements to show the skills and experience pertaining to each memeber of the Pegasus team. By incorporating infographics, quotes and illustrations, and injecting the company brand colours, we successfully achieved a design that remains corporate and professional, however one that showcases the information in an interesting and innovative way.  

Brisbane Symphony Orchestra

BSO poster.jpg

CLIENT: Brisbane Symphony Orchestra
PROJECT TYPE: Poster design
DESIGNED BY: Stephanie Gunn
WHY WE THINK IT'S COOL: The brief was to design a poster based around the concept of Resurrection for the BSO's Mahler concert, which allowed for great flexibility and creativity in our approach to the project. We felt the chosen image was successful in its portrayal of Resurrection as the musical notes appear to be rising out of the cello, visually representing new life. By incorporating a traditional serif font with a modern illustration, the poster successfully maintains a focus on the traditional nature of the orchestra however adopts a minimal, stylistic approach which compliments modern day design.

CLIENT: Brisbane Symphony Orchestra
PROJECT TYPE: Postcard design
DESIGNED BY: Stephanie Gunn
WHY WE THINK IT'S COOL: Similar to the poster, the brief was very open, which enabled us to be creative in our approach to this project. With a minimal amount of information needed to be added, it enabled the image on the front of the postcard to work as a full-bleed spread as the main focal point that is complimented by the Brisbane Symphony Orchestra logo. An effective balance between imagery and text has been achieved on the back of the postcard, where the text has been neatly compiled on the left with the image repeated on the right, effectively incorporating the sponsors within it. 

Concrete Institute of Australia

CLIENT: The Concrete Institute of Australia
PROJECT TYPE: 2015 Awards for Excellence in Concrete: Cover design
DESIGNED BY: Stephanie Gunn
WHY WE THINK IT'S COOL: Popdot Media has worked closely with The Concrete Institute of Australia while working with Engineers Media, a relationship that has recently been solidified as Popdot Publishing has taken on the publication of the flagship Conrete in Australia magazine following the closure of Engineers Media in July this year. When considering the nature of the industry, we were keen to make the design as modern and innovative as possible. This cover design successfully promotes the industry in a fresh and exciting way by injecting a range of colours, using modern fonts and making the most of the photographs provided which showcases the building and engineering projects in a new light.

CLIENT: Concrete Institute Australia
PROJECT TYPE: 2015 Awards for Excellence in Concrete: editorial design
DESIGNED BY: Stephanie Gunn
WHY WE THINK IT'S COOL: Similar to the cover design above, we wanted to keep the layouts throughout the program sleek and modern. With an interesting and dynamic collection of photographs provided, we felt it worthwhile designing each spread so the imagery could be fully appreciated. The photographs act well as a frame to the main section of text and the injection of colour used at the top of the designs helps to add interest and contrast throughout the program.   

Healthe Care

CLIENT: Healthe Care
PROJECT TYPE: Hospital Photo Book: Page layouts
DESIGNED BY: Stephanie Gunn
WHY WE THINK IT'S COOL: With a simple, flexible brief to work with, this project allowed for full creativity throughout the entire design process. The key to achieving a successful product was to ensure the photographs were the main focal points throughout the publication. It was necessary to keep the design clean, yet visually interesting to the eye and a number of different colours were used to add variety and differentiate the various sections of the publication. By maintaining a balance between text and imagery where necessary, it helped to reinforce the focus on the artistic nature of the product and the need for the photographs to be most prominent.

Healthe Care_2.jpg

CLIENT: Healthe Care
PROJECT TYPE: Hospital Photo Book: Front cover and contents design
DESIGNED BY: Stephanie Gunn
WHY WE THINK IT'S COOL: Similarly to the page layouts, we felt it was important to keep the front cover and contents designs very visual by applying minimal text to the pages and focusing predominantly on the use of imagery. In both cases, this approach has enabled the photographs to take centre stage, enabling the reader to appreciate the quality of the images.    

This article was written by Stephanie Gunn, Graphic Designer at Popdot Media. Steph is passionate about helping small businesses grow and develop while at the same time fostering great partnerships with her corporate clients.

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