The Visual Blog: June 2016


Every quarter, Popdot Media will be showcasing a range of projects that we have worked on. These will range from web design and re-branding projects to magazine and print design. Please enjoy browsing through our June selection below.

Evolve Social

CLIENT: Evolve Social
PROJECT TYPE: Website design
DESIGNED BY: Stephanie Gunn | Nicole Sidoti
WHY WE THINK IT'S COOL: Evolve Social is a digital agency that specialises in social media marketing, video production and content marketing based in Sydney Australia. The original website was built mainly as a blogging platform but with the company expanding and offering more services, it was necessary to build a new website that could accommodate the more advanced features that our client wanted to incorporate. The completely redesigned site — designed in Squarespace — is made up of case studies, services, videos and a main blog page with some additional custom code added to some pages/elements to achieve more advanced and dynamic visual features. A great project to work on that really encompasses everything the company does and offers scope for building even more as the company expands further. 

Northshore Insurance Brokers

CLIENT: Northshore Insurance Brokers
DESIGNED BY: Stephanie Gunn
WHY WE THINK IT'S COOL: North Shore Insurance Brokers specialises in SME Commercial Insurance advice and wanted a logo designed that visually represented reliability, trustworthiness and expertise. In the process of presenting a prestigious north Sydney business, they wanted a simple, clean logo that would appeal to their target market and enhance the prestige of the company itself. Taking into consideration the company's main focal point of providing advice, we looked at a very simple way to use speech bubbles to form the logo. This also lent itself very well to using negative space where the two speech bubbles have cleverly been positioned to form the 'N' of Northshore. An exciting and creative project, the end result was exactly what the client was hoping for and it encompasses his brand perfectly.  

Pegasus Legal

CLIENT: Pegasus Legal
PROJECT TYPE: Statements
DESIGNED BY: Stephanie Gunn
WHY WE THINK IT'S COOL: Pegasus came to us asking for a number of statements to be created that best reflected the different industries that they specialise in — these ranged from 2–4 A4 pages. We always stress to companies the importance of a strong brand identity across all marketing material and this was no exception. Across all of the designs, we used the same brand colours and fonts to keep the statements consistent with all design work previously created. Using large, high-res imagery on all pages helped to break up the text as well as visually support the written content. The end result was a professional and cohesive collection of statements that Pegasus have been able to distribute to clients to really show off their expertise.

This article was written by Stephanie Gunn, Graphic Designer at Popdot Media. Steph is passionate about helping small businesses grow and develop while at the same time fostering great partnerships with her corporate clients.

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