The Visual Blog: March 2017


Every quarter, Popdot Media will be showcasing a range of projects that we have worked on. These will range from web design and re-branding projects to magazine and print design. Please enjoy browsing through our March selection below.


CLIENT: Allianz
PROJECT TYPE: Infographic
DESIGNED BY: Stephanie Gunn
WHY WE THINK IT'S COOL: Here at Popdot, we love projects that get our creative juices flowing and that's exactly what this infographic did! With a focus on creating a visual journey between steps 1–5, the use of a road provided a fluid and interesting path that leads the eye down the page, 'stopping' at each point as it does so. Creating icons that matched the Allianz brand helped to bring the infographic to life by reinforcing the written text and breaking up the information in concise, manageable sections. Allianz were really pleased with the final product and it was exactly what they wanted to help inform customers about their new training program. 

Brisbane Symphony Orchestra

CLIENT: Brisbane Symphony Orchestra
PROJECT TYPE: Poster and postcard design
DESIGNED BY: Stephanie Gunn
WHY WE THINK IT'S COOL: celebrating season 1 of 2017, BSO approached us asking us to design a new poster and postcards to promote their upcoming concert Holst The Planets, Walton Belshazzar's Feast. As part of the brief, the orchestra wanted the design to be strong and dynamic, and for the imagery to be based on a combination of a planet and fire — so we did just that! Incorporating two separate images and using some Photoshop magic, we created a visually enticing image that was exactly what the orchestra were looking for. Using the orange of the fire for the main title helped to achieve a strong visual brand and the overall design is well balanced between the use of imagery and text.

Construction Legal

CLCS website scene_2.jpg
CLCS website scene_3.jpg

CLIENT: Construction Legal
PROJECT TYPE: Website design
DESIGNED BY: Stephanie Gunn
WHY WE THINK IT'S COOL: our client came to us in her moment of need asking us what we could do to repair the poor design of her new website. She was desperate for a professional and appealing website that would win client trust and stand out from her competitors. Rather than working with the existing website we designed a completely new site for her from scratch, enabling us to incorporate all of the features she wanted and build something great from the ground up. We included calls to action, vibrant banner images and great imagery throughout to encourage site visitors to take action and get in touch. Using the same brand fonts and colours also helped to reinforce the brand identity and achieve a unified visual online presence. 

This article was written by Stephanie Gunn, Graphic Designer at Popdot Media. Steph is passionate about helping small businesses grow and develop while at the same time fostering great partnerships with her corporate clients.

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