Case Study: Construction Legal

Here at Popdot, our clients come to us with a multitude of requests, needs and wants. We love this. It means that every project — and indeed every day — is a new challenge and we are always kept on our toes! On some occasions, our clients come to us asking for help, whether this be to boost their brand due to their own lack of experience and knowledge, or because they've just come off the back of a bad experience with another designer who may not have produced something they're happy with. Our case studies take you through the journey of then and now — how we have helped our clients achieve something they're ultimately proud of that has enabled them to grow their business further.

Construction Legal: website redesign

We were in a total bind following a massive web design fail when a colleague recommended we contact Popdot Media. Their experience not only in web design but in conversion tactics specific to our clients was evident from the get go. We love our new site and have been impressed by the quality of design work, regular communication and streamlined approach to getting our new site up fast. You get what you pay for and these guys deliver huge value beyond the design itself.
— Gino, Welcome Walking Tours

The original website

Jessica was in dire straits and contacted Popdot after receiving a recommendation from a friend. She got in touch asking if we could help repair the poor design of her new website that she was far from happy with. A website is your online face to the world and it needs to hit all the ‘sweet spots’ so it will be effective, increase traffic and make you money. This existing website lacked professionalism and personality, had little to no variety regarding layout and design, included no imagery at all, and in general, was nothing but an expensive brochure. Jessica was desperate for a professional and appealing website that would win client trust and stand out from her competitors — this existing site did nothing of the sort. In this day and age, an impressive online presence is so important. Businesses are constantly battling with their competitors to win new clients and stand out in their industry. It was obvious that if Jessica were to keep the existing site, she would have struggled to drive new business and attract new clients. We were confident we could deliver her with a site that would both impress her and deliver great results for her business!   

How we used out Popdot magic

"I just want a beautiful website with all bells and whistles" were Jessica's words and we made sure that's what she received! Rather than working with the existing website we designed a completely new site for her from scratch in Squarespace, enabling us to incorporate all of the features she wanted, plus more, and build something great from the ground up. 

One of the most obvious changes we wanted to make was to ensure every page was different, enticing and impressive to visitors. We also wanted to bring the website back into the 21st century by scrapping the dull coloured background behind the text and using white to achieve a modern, fresh and slick look and feel. We included calls to action, vibrant banner images and great imagery throughout and bursts of colour where appropriate in order to highlight certain sections of information and headings — all of which helped to encourage site visitors to take action and get in touch. Using Construction Legal's brand fonts and colours also helped to reinforce the company's brand identity and achieve a unified visual online presence. Passionate about the importance of imagery and how powerful it is to reinforce written content, we made sure each page was effectively broken up with a combination of imagery and text. In a nutshell, we made it super clear what the company does and how great they are at what they do! 

The latest update

Since going live with her new look website, not only was Jessica thrilled with the results but she said there has been constant interest in her website, with new leads getting in touch — most likely thanks to her powerful call to actions and impressive portfolio. We have been liaising with Jessica to make continuous updates and design changes to the site to make it even bigger and better. As with all design, her site is forever evolving and she is excited to see what 2018 has in store for Construction Legal as a result of her new and largely improved online presence. 

Banner photo by Damian Zaleski on Unsplash