Case Study: Brisbane Symphony Orchestra

Here at Popdot, our clients come to us with a multitude of requests, needs and wants. We love this. It means that every project — and indeed every day — is a new challenge and we are always kept on our toes! On some occasions, our clients come to us asking for help, whether this be to boost their brand due to their own lack of experience and knowledge, or because they've just come off the back of a bad experience with another designer who may not have produced something they're happy with. Our case studies take you through the journey of then and now — how we have helped our clients achieve something they're ultimately proud of that has enabled them to grow their business further.

Brisbane Symphony Orchestra: website redesign

The original website

Brisbane Symphony Orchestra came to us with two main requests: to redesign their very dated website and to implement eCommerce so that there was the capability for visitors to purchase tickets for upcoming concerts directly on the site. Previously, people were required to purchase tickets over the phone or via the external website — Brisbane's home to classical music. The integration of eCommerce would become an beneficial addition to the site by allowing easy ticketing and generating greater traffic to the site. It was also agreed that the new site would be redesigned on Squarespace, allowing the site to be simple enough for the organisation to edit and manage at their convenience without relying on additional dev support. Essentially, the organisation wanted a impressive and professional site that would stand out amongst its competitors. We were confident that we could achieve exactly what they wanted by improving the site tenfold.  

How we used out Popdot magic

The site itself was in need of a thorough redesign. With a lack of consistency regarding the layouts; use of imagery and fonts across the site, and dated written content, the site needed some TLC to bring it back to life and to generate the traffic it very longingly deserved. We didn't take any elements from the existing website and decided to completely start from scratch, enabling us to fully control the creative direction of the design. Prior to working on the website, we had been asked to redesign the BSO logo to give it a new lease of life. Our first point of call was to therefore design a website that enhanced the new-look brand and achieve a strong visual identity. By incorporating the colours and fonts of the logo, the website already was back on track! Establishing simple, yet clean layouts, incorporating large banner images using a selection of striking professional photographs and taking advantage of strong calls to action the website now reflects professionalism and is visually exciting to visitors. With the existing website, some of the content was redundant and wasn't necessary, while other nav bar items didn't work particularly well under certain sections. We therefore redesigned the site map a little and created a structure that allowed all of the written content to flow more effectively. The implementation of eCommerce is a great addition to the website and it certainly allows for a successful user experience, allowing visitors to learn more about the orchestra and purchase future concert tickets at the click of a button. 

The latest update

The new website has just been released and the organisation is extremely happy with their new look! They're excited to have the capability to advertise all of their future concerts on their website and can't wait to see how it improves ticket sales and orchestra membership. We look forward to hearing all about it and we are confident it will bring exciting new opportunities for the orchestra throughout 2018! View the new website here.

Banner photo by Damian Zaleski on Unsplash