Q&A: Chat with Gino from Welcome Walking Tours

We always love receiving feedback from our clients — it's great to hear how our services have helped grow their business! 

We met up with Gino from Welcome Walking Tours for a short Q&A and we were thrilled to hear how much he enjoyed working with us. We loved working with you too Gino!


Please give us a quick overview about Welcome Walking Tours?

Welcome Walking Tours offers historical and cultural orientation in Sydney. Our tours allow travellers to meet like-minded travellers while exploring the city.

What do you love most about your job?

Meeting positive travellers and providing a great experience that's sustainable for the city.

The new Welcome Walking Tour's logo

The new Welcome Walking Tour's logo


Tri-fold flyer — front

Tri-fold flyer — front

How long have you been using Popdot?

Since September 2016.

What services has Popdot provided you so far?

Branding, tri-fold flyer and double-sided A3 map of Sydney.

Why do you do business with us?

Popdot is responsive and reliable and produces high-quality work that is delivered to meet my timeframes. I know I can always rely on Popdot — the team are great to work with and they communicate with me often so I'm always up-to date with what's going on.

What was the most obvious advantage that our services offered to create value in your business?

Popdot's proven track record and impressive portfolio really stood out to me. The team understood what I wanted and what I was hoping to achieve. They were also keen to build a long-lasting business which was important to me.

Were there any other advantages you discovered after using our services more regularly?

Tri-fold flyer — back

Tri-fold flyer — back

Popdot kept me regularly updated with the design project in question. They were honest and upfront about any necessary changes/additional fees required and readily managed my expectations so that the final products always excelled what I initially wanted.

Have you noticed increased participation in your tours since using Popdot?

Definitely, about an 80% increase.

How did you hear about Popdot?

Met by luck through Marcus — a fellow Fishburner. I was having problems with my current designer and was in need of a new team who would be more reliable and produce high-quality work for my business.

Were you comparing alternative solutions to Popdot?

Yes. I had been previously working with 2 different designers who had said they could do the work but never got back to me.

Describe a few reasons why you decided to use our services?

The fact that you provide reliable services and have a physical office makes a huge difference — we can catch up in person rather than having to liaise about everything over email/Skype etc.

Is there anything you would have changed about your experience with Popdot?

I wish I'd found you earlier!

Before you engaged Popdot, what made you decide to hire a new design team for your business?

My own design skills were non-existent and I didn't have enough time to really invest in good quality marketing collateral to promote my business. I had liaised with other designers who were unreliable or flakey so I was really keen to find a design team I could rely on!


A3 double-sided map — front

A3 double-sided map — front

How would you describe your branding and marketing in one sentence prior to using our services?

Non-existent at best!

What marketing challenges were you facing prior to using our services?

My brand lacked any kind of presence in the tourism industry.

Were there any dealbreakers involved in your decision to become a Popdot client?

A3 double-sided map — back

A3 double-sided map — back

I liked the fact that the team offered a project rate for the work rather than an hourly rate. Upfront costings were good and the team always checked if I was happy to proceed with any extra costings for additional design updates before going ahead with them — no hidden surprises!

Has your perception of Popdot changed since you’ve become a client of Popdot?

Not at all, I've been very happy with all of the services.

Are you likely to, or have you recommended Popdot to a friend or colleague?

Yes. I have and I will continue to recommend them.

How have our services impacted your success?

More people are attending our tours and it's made it so much easier approaching hotels and restaurants with some great marketing collateral which really stands out from my competitors.

Before using Popdot, you had XYZ concerns, how do you feel about them now?

I was worried about how to grow my business and build a visual presence in hotels and hostels. No-one would pay attention to my business but now I feel 100% more confident that people will take notice.

Do you have any overall feedback or advice for us as a company?

Keep offering the same personalised service no matter how big the company grows — it was so important to me that you were genuinely interested in the personal relationship of my business rather than just accepting it as another standalone project.

Could we be doing anything else to make you happy?

Inform clients how you'd like them to send over their revisions etc. Clients other than myself may not know how to respond — perhaps put together a guide about supplying revisions...

What is your advice to others who might be considering using Popdot?

You won't regret it! Have a clear idea of what you want but also ask Popdot for their advice because they're always more than happy to help.

Do you think the investment in our services was worthwhile & why?

Yes. I've seen a definite increase in the business and improvement in how people perceive my business — they're definitely more impressed!

What would you say if we told you our services would soon be unavailable? What would this mean to you?

I'd be super sad and would be desperate to get more designed with you before the services became unavailable!

What do you love about the design collateral we have created for you?

Everything is easy to read and concise — important elements are visible and the message is clear.


Nic & Steph with Gino and the final Sydney map!

Nic & Steph with Gino and the final Sydney map!

What are the biggest challenges on the horizon for your business?

Taking on and expanding the business by providing more tour offerings and hiring more staff.

What are your goals for the next 3 months?

To grow the presence of the business so that hotels and hostels will recommend me before anyone else does.

Is there anything we can do to help you meet these challenges & goals?

Continue to help edit the existing collateral and work together to create new collateral when needed. I'm definitely keen to keep working with Popdot!

What is the long-term advantage of using our services?

I'm really happy with the marketing collateral I now have so I want to ensure this consistency is maintained across everything we work on in the future.

Is there anything we can do to improve our services or processes for working together in the future?

No. I'm really looking forward to the next stage of growing my business and having Popdot on board to help me!