September 2019 Squarespace–MailChimp connection issues

Have you been getting Squarespace error emails about your email sign ups?

You may have noticed that newsletter signups have been bringing up errors over the past few days. I'm contacting all clients with MailChimp connected to Squarespace as it's affecting everyone, but thought I should post it here too in case the info is useful.

The connection requirements between Squarespace and MailChimp have recently changed. Hard to say whether this has been led by Squarespace or MailChimp, but either way, it needs to be fixed to get the connection going again. As such, some code needs to be added to Squarespace to fix the problem and ensure the newsletter forms are properly saving new sign-ups to the mailing list correctly.

Check it in MailChimp first

You can check the connection on your MailChimp account by logging in and going to Account > Connected Sites.


If you just hover on Connected Sites it will say Connected even if it isn't, so click through to the main page for connected sites to check that the code is connected properly.

If there are no errors on that page, you’re good to go and don’t need to do anything.

If there's a problem with your Squarespace connection

If there’s a problem, you’ll see an error message in red at the top of the page.

You can fix this by following the instructions here.

Or get in touch if you need help.