Marketing: Brisbane Chorale




Brisbane Chorale is a symphonic choir of over 100 voices based in Queensland, Australia, and is one of the country's premier symphonic choirs. Their mission is to 'provide lovers of fine music the opportunity to experience high quality choral music at an exceptional level for the benefit of the wider community'.


Brisbane Chorale came to us wanting a flyer, Facebook advert and banner to help promote the chorale and encourage new members to join. They wanted the assets to appeal to a broad audience — particularly the younger generation — with the aim of recruiting younger members who were excited about joining the chorale.   


With wanting to target this specific audience, it was necessary to ensure the designs were engaging and exciting and appealed to the specific audience by use of dynamic imagery and a contemporary look and feel across all assets.


Everyone was really pleased with the final assets — the fresh, modern look and feel, and appealing style of the artwork was exactly what they wanted. They were excited to get the assets printed as soon as possible to start promoting the chorale and welcome new younger members. 

Tools used

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
Season 2, September 2017
Season 2, September 2017