Marketing: Brisbane Symphony Orchestra




Brisbane Symphony Orchestra is a community orchestra of professional performance standard, based in the city of Brisbane, Queensland.  


BSO came to us back in 2015, asking for poster and postcard designs to advertise and promote their concert Gustav Mahler 2nd Symphony "Resurrection". Since this first project, Popdot has designed the poster & postcard for each concert the orchestra holds every season. Each brief outlines a specific image or theme that they'd like incorporated in the designs. 


With every brief we research a range of images — both photographic and illustrative — that best suits what the orchestra are looking for and compliments the theme of the concert. Each theme offers something different which keeps each and every design fresh and exciting. Typography is always different and chosen based on the style and genre of the artwork.


BSO are always very pleased with the final artwork. They value what we do and are always grateful to receive professional and engaging designs that help to promote the concerts and encourage more and more people to attend every time.

Tools used

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
Season 4, November 2018

Season 4, November 2018

Season 4, November 2018

Season 4, November 2018