Branding: ID8 Design




ID8 Design is based in Sydney and is committed to working with companies in the retail, office, hospitality and education industries to design, develop and create unique and exciting environments to work. 


As a new company, ID8 Design came to us wanting a slick, striking logo that stood out from their competitors. They were keen to use the hexagon as a main element in their logo and thought this could be a great feature to incorporate further down the track in their marketing collateral to promote a unique and standalone brand.


We focused on using the hexagon as the main element of the logo that encompassed the company name. Using a contemporary sans serif font enhances the modern look and feel of the design and applying different font weights to the text adds a greater level of contrast and interest. The tagline to the right compliments the main icon well and including the design marks to either corner of 'Design' provides an additional creative element that enhances what the company does.  


ID8 Design were very pleased with the logo and it was exactly what they have envisioned for their brand.

Tools used

  • Adobe Illustrator
Construction Legal_branding set.jpg
ID8_business cards_new.jpg