Web design: ID8 Design




ID8 Design is based in Sydney and is committed to working with companies in the retail, office, hospitality and education industries to design, develop and create unique and exciting environments to work. 


As a new company, ID8 Design needed a simple, yet engaging website that featured their services and projects and was easy for visitors to contact them for more information.


Here at Popdot we use Squarespace for all of our client websites because it is the perfect platform that allows clients to have complete control over their website once we pass it over to them. This project was no exception. Considering the nature of the company, we wanted to integrate large banner images that really showcased the projects that the company had worked on. Brand consistency was kept strong by using the brand colours and font, plus a complimentary font to add visual variety. A secondary colour of gun metal grey was included across the website which works really well against the primary blue. The hexagon element of the logo was used for the button text and by adding subtle touches like these, it really helped to define the brand further.    


The website is simple, yet striking and promotes what the company does in a clear and defined way. ID8 Design were really pleased with the final website and felt it was a great platform upon which they could develop further as they undertook more projects.

Tools used

  • Squarespace
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop