Web design: Kho Legal




A virtual legal consultancy offering reliable and cost-efficient solutions for banks, financial institutions and SMEs.


Regina came to us wanting a website for her new company Kho Legal. She wanted the site to be simple yet professional, easy for users to navigate and visually appealing. The main messages she wanted to portray were her passionate and understanding approach to her work when tending to each individual client's needs. She also wanted there to be a simple way to schedule appointments, encouraging users to get in touch at a click of a button.


On every page across the site, we were sure to include photography and illustrations to reiterate the written content wherever suitable. We ensured navigation was as simple as possible, text was concise and to the point and colours and fonts were on-brand to visually enhance her brand identity. Call to action buttons and a simple appointment calendar were added in numerous places on the site to encourage users to very easily find what they need and get in touch. Adding a blog page adds that additional personal touch, enabling Regina to use her expertise to address important or interesting issues in the industry.


Check out the full website here.

Tools used

  • Squarespace
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator