Marketing: Management for Design (M4D)




Based in Melbourne, Management for Design helps Engineering, Architecture and Design businesses run their practice efficiently and plan their future so that they have more time to focus on creating great design and building their business.


Management for Design first got in touch with us via and were looking for an external Marketing Manager to manage all of their digital marketing. This ranged from email campaigns and Powerpoint presentations to Business Journals, eMags, flyers and infographics.  


With so many different marketing materials required over a range of platforms, it was important to maintain brand consistency across everything we produced. Using their brand colours, logo variations, fonts, consistent style of illustrative icons and photography, and vibrant, engaging layouts, we created a cohesive set of final products which worked equally well as independent standalone pieces and sets. Being in charge of a lot of the copywriting and copyediting also meant that we had to ensure we maintained the same tone of voice across everything we wrote. By doing so, we were able to develop a personable approach in our writing, allowing their clients to become familiar with the advice and information presented to them by the company.  


We managed all of the marketing materials for Management for Design for 4 years and they were consistently happy with the final products that we produced. In late 2017, the team decided to employ a full-time in-house Marketing Manager. We are currently in the process of completely redesigning the M4D website, so keep an eye out for the new site in our portfolio soon!

Tools used

  • Campaign Monitor
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
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