Branding: nnElement




nnElement achieves optimised industrial productivity by tracking operational bottlenecks (such as logistics delays, low productivity, equipment failures) experienced along any established supply chain in real-time. 


nnElement approached us wanting a refreshed logo design. They had an existing logo but wanted something more contemporary that visually depicted the main elements and services of the business. The main elements they wanted to convey were the concepts of a process, streamlined results and optimising connectivity and efficiency.   


The most effective logo designs are simple — designs that can be recognised on a post-it note or a billboard. The company itself offers complex, advanced services so it was important to depict these services, and the elements within them, in their most simplest form. The client was interested in using hexagons and circles for the main logo design because they were recognised shapes in the industry that represented the complex systems and networks and the connections between them all. The simple geometric shapes and connecting lines joining them to one another successfully depict the concept of a streamlined and effective process. The process concept was enhanced by the use of a start and end point that we added to the text for the 'nn'. Maintaining simplicity throughout the logo, this subtle inclusion reinforces the concept of process and systems.  


Nic was really pleased with the final logo. We worked closely with him to provide advice and professional opinion throughout the entire process to ensure a professional and impressive final design was achieved. 

Tools used

  • Adobe Illustrator