Canva social template pack


Canva social template pack


Canva social template pack includes:

  • 10 Facebook image templates
  • 10 Instagram or Twitter image templates*
  • 4 LinkedIn image templates 
  • Your logo included on all templates to help with brand recognition
  • 100 free images resized, colour corrected and uploaded to your Canva account for you to use in your templates**
  • Style advice for future image curation to ensure any extra images you select are on brand
  • Font advice to ensure consistency***

*Social channels can be changed on request. Please let us know your preferences before the project commences.
**Images will be chosen to match your brand. Feel free to discuss image options if there's something in particular you'd like us to focus on. All images will be sourced from free image websites — Unsplash being the most popular site we use and recommend to our clients. Please specify the types of images you'd like to include in the collection prior to starting the design process e.g. landscapes, people, architecture, abstract. Be as specific as possible so we can ensure we source images that enhance your brand and the values you hold.
***We will create a PDF style guide for you that'll provide guidelines about how best to maintain a strong brand identity throughout all future design work. Fonts, colours and images that we use will be specified in the guide and it's recommended to use these throughout your content to ensure consistency.

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