Pitch deck in a day


Pitch deck in a day


We know how important it is for you to nail your pitch. Send it over to us for a professional and high-quality design that will make you look your best.


  • 10 professionally designed slides for a 3–5 minute pitch
  • Icons
  • Photographic images
  • Graphs, diagrams and charts


  1. Complete our design brief, which will outline your pitch aims and style preferences.
  2. Use our template to organise and insert your content onto the slides. Our template is a tried and tested guide for what is required for a 3–5 minute pitch. You can add/change slides as required and use this template as a starting point for organising your talking points.
  3. Include any notes on layout preferences or style, refer to our pitch deck style guide for guidance. (this should be in the brief)
  4. Choose style
  5. Choose timing — standard or urgent
  6. Dedicated designer will contact you and will be available to you as needed throughout the design process.
  7. Receive your deck and be ready to impress
  8. We want you to love your putch deck. Our careful briefing process usually means a perfect result first time, however to be sure you're 100% satisfied, we offer 2 rounds of revisions and up to 2 hours of changes to the design.

*This price covers 2 sets of revisions and up to 2 hours of changes to the pitch deck. Revisions due to change of preference after initial brief will be charged at $120/hour.

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