Marketing: VisibleSky




VisibleSky, a product by Definiti, is a unique, predictable and highly cost-efficient Business Process Automation Service. This service provides a rapid, measurable and sustainable increase in effectiveness of Human Capital, Systems and Data Assets.


Definiti came to us wanting a completely fresh and innovative design for their VisibleSky digital brochure that would easily communicate what they do. They wanted it to impress and 'wow' their audience — CEOs and CFOs of major companies. They wanted the brochure to be visually engaging and a product that their audience would be excited by and wouldn't want to turn down.  


We first carried out research looking at corporate marketing used for similar industries — particularly noting the professionalism of these designs through use of layout, colour, typography and graphic elements used. One of the most common features we noticed during our research was the use of clean, dynamic layouts, contemporary, cutting-edge typography and a striking, yet minimal colour palette. We opted for a very clean design that makes the company stand out from their competitors. We focused on using a soft colour palette, comprising of only 2 main colours: grey and blue (the blue being taken from their existing colour palette), and applied a subtle blue filter to the 2 main images to add character. We created unique iconography to visually enhance the written content and chose a layout that wasn't typical of a corporate brochure by adding creative flair. 



"What a delight to work with a professional team able to listen, understand and work with you to ensure satisfaction" were our client's words and we were extremely happy the company were pleased with the final product.

Tools used

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop